Do You Really Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business?

In order to be successful in the Real Estate business or any business, you have to generate leads, stay in touch with your past clients, and make yourself known to your community.

Social Media has made staying in touch with your past clients, meeting new people and networking with other interest groups easier, faster and more cost efficient!

In the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report, 41% of marketers felt the use of Social Media reduced their overall marketing expenses. (

Think about the time it takes to attend networking meetings, civic meetings, church meetings, etc …versus jumping on your PC/Mac, iPhone or Blackberry and chatting it up with your online networks.

TopRank Blogs reviewed the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report* by the folks at and outlined some of the top benefits of Social Media Marketing.

The #1 advantage of Social Media Marketing is to generate exposure for your business: ranked #1 by 85% of all marketers.!

Following that was increasing traffic to your website/blog (63%) and building new business partnerships (56%). All are key goals for Realtors today

So let me ask you again, do you really need to add Social Media Marketing in your real estate business?

If you have a hard time understanding the concept, think about this:
What do you do when you attend a meeting, group event, church events, neighborhood functions or when you’re at the store?

You walk in the room, walk over to some friends give them a hug, shake hands, ask about their kids, their family and find out how they’re doing. Then you spot another group of friends and you walk over to them, same thing. Oh, there’s a new face in the group, so you meet that person. One of your friends tells you about a new restaurant or a new store they think you would like, or someone asks to attend another event with them. And so on and so on.

Facebook and Twitter are just like that – walk into the “online room”, say hi to your friends, meet some new friends, join a new group, read about a new restaurant or service, catch up with out of state friends – Be Social!

You’re already doing this in real life! Move some of your networking and socializing on-line and see what happens! If you want to connect with me, I’ll be sure to stop by and see you next time I’m “on line”!

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