Texting… Sometimes it’s a Good Thing!

Google – it’s one heck of a company with so many great ideas and products.  Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Calendar, Reader… the list goes on and on!

Did you know that Google has a Text Message “Search” feature?  Even if you have a web browser on your smart phone, you might find Google’s SMS search easier. For one, it’s incredibly fast– no clicking links and searching through results while you try to find your glasses!  You use special keywords to get immediate access to information.

Here’s an example: text “weather 30329” to 466453 (GOOGLE) and instantly receive the current weather in Atlanta, along with a three day forecast.  Cool! …or Hot!  It works with any zip code.

Movie times, no problem!  This little feature comes in handy when the gang says, “let’s catch a movie!”  Just text “movies” plus the zip code for movie times in your area along with options to view more films, more theater times, addresses and phone numbers.

For the ‘directionally challenged’, who don’t have a GPS; you can get step-by-step driving directions in a text!!  Simply text the word “directions [your start address] to [your destination address]  I used this feature recently and it was spot on!

There are over 22 “hot search keywords” you can get your hands on information faster than searching via your browser and squinting to read! To see a demo along with all of the search features (and instructions on how to use them), check out the Google Mobile SMS page!

And of course, we have to use the disclaimer “don’t text and drive” and “normal texting charges apply.” However we’re pretty sure most real estate professionals have unlimited texting or data plans today and that realtors are excellent drivers!


image source: wired.com

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