20 Ways to Touch Your Database This Year!

Don’t lose another opportunity to touch your database this year. Trying figure out how to keep your database thriving? Use these great holidays as a chance to stay in front of your clients all year long!

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New Year’s Day – January 1st, 2018                    Independence Day – July 4th, 2018 

Valentine’s Day – February 14th, 2018               Halloween – October 31st, 2018 

Daylight Savings – March 11th, 2018                   Thanksgiving – November 22nd, 2018 

Memorial Day – May 28th, 2018                           Christmas – December 25th, 2018 

Tired of the traditional holiday postcards & emails? Here are a few interesting  and fun holidays that your clients will enjoy! Get specific- if you have a client who loves beer, send them something funny they will relate to and remember. Not creative? Let AnotherMe help you design a postcard/email!

National Margarita Day – Feb. 22nd, 2018          National Dog Day – August 26th, 2018

Pi Day – March 14th, 2018                                     Drink Beer Day – Sept. 28th, 2018 

Earth Day – April 22nd, 2018                                  Make a Difference Day – Oct. 27th, 2018

Cinco De Mayo – May 5th, 2018                            Veteran’s Day – November 11th, 2018

National Donut Day – June 1st, 2018                  Small Business Saturday – Nov. 24th, 2018

National Ice Cream Day – July 15th, 2018              Ugly Sweater Day – December 21st, 2018

Want more holiday ideas? Check out http://www.holidayscalendar.com/

What are you waiting for? Your clients want to hear from you!

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Top 12 Open House Ideas for Realtors

When was the last time you held an Open House or attended an Open House?

The Open House has come a long way!  We’ are finding that our clients are generating tons of Buyer Leads and actual Offers bTips for Open Housesy holding Open Houses!  Whether you hold your own listing open or have a colleague host it for you, there are so many little things you can do to ensure success!

Here are a few tips that we have shared with our clients over the years …and few that we’ve learned from some of the best agents around the country!

  1.  Post your Open House on all major public sites including your MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, your website or blog and your Facebook business page!
  2. Use your iPad as the “Registration Form!  Get the Open House Pro App! (not for Androids)
  3.  Hold an Open House right after work or during lunchtime on weekdays. Downtown condos are ideal for Lunchtime Open Houses!
  4.  Set an unconventional time frame from 10am to 6 pm.  If the homeowner is out of town, this is ideal!
  5.  Serve easy to eat snacks that come with individual wrappers. Provide iced tea and lemonade in the summer; tea, coffee or cocoa in the winter; and warm apple cider in the fall.  ( imagine the aroma of that warm apple cider wafting through the house!)
  6. A highrise, lakeside, mountaintop or any other property with an amazing sunset view is a great candidate for a unique Happy   Hour/ Sunset Open House
  7. In warm weather, have some extra water bottles on hand.  Better yet, have some made up with custom labels.
  8. Put an “Open House” sign with day/time in the yard several days in advance. (this is a no brainer!)
  9. Get your Name and your Listing out there!  Put out 30+ directionals from the main highways/interstates to your listing. (if your county/city allows)
  10. Invite a mortgage professional to attend and prequalify buyers.
  11. Put your feedback form on a clip board for attendees too carry with them as they go room to room and give their comments!
  12. Create a Slide Show with pictures of the local area and the house to play during the Open House.Real Estate Open House Sign

And one last tip… use this greeting and all of your visitors will give you their information and sign in!  “Welcome, thank you for coming to our Open House!  For security purposes the Home Owner has requested that everyone sign in before previewing their home”  Hand them a clip board with a sign in form and they will give you their name, address, email and phone!  Everyone understands that security is important during an open house.  If they don’t want to sign in – they don’t get to come in!


Good luck and let us know if you have any other tips, hints or ideas!


What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

At AnotherME, our goal as Real Estate Virtual Assistants is to provide real estate professionals with a variety of quality, administrative services orchestrated from a remote location.

What does that mean exactly?

It means the AnotherME team of virtual assistants all have specialized skills that are unique to the real estate industry. We understand what services a Realtor® needs to run their business and become more successful.  Our VA’s collaborate one-on-one with our clients to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

It also means you don’t have to add an employee to your already tight budget, pay for health insurance or deduct those pesky taxes. You don’t have to provide a desk, phone or even a chair! Virtual Assistants work from a remote location and have all the necessary computer equipment, office supplies, office software and communication devices (ie: phones) right at their disposal!

It’s easy to get started – we’ll work with you to set up your checklists for listings and closings, update your login/password lists, collaborate on your marketing templates and flyers, and create special instructions based on your preferences.

What could be easier and more cost-effective? Remember, if you’re spending too much time on the 80% (administrative tasks) then you’re not spending enough time on getting new listings, developing leads and buyers, and more importantly, gaining an advantage over the competition!

So what are you waiting for?  It’s worth a phone call to Another ME to determine if we can help you maximize your time, your money and your efforts.

Here’s to a successful 2012!

Have some fun with Holiday Marketing!

In today’s society, we celebrate just about everything!  Everyone loves a party!  From kindergarten graduation, food festivals to the Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby; you name it – there’s a celebration for it!  So why not take that opportunity to send a little something to your past clients or sphere of influence!

Whenever there’s a holiday it’s a great time to give a little TLC to your clients.  Although Christmas and Thanksgiving come to mind as the top Holidays,  other holidays throughout the year provide extra opportunities for expressing your gratitude for your clients and supporters!  And most of these holidays come pre-themed for the less creative!  For example: Valentine’s Day is not just for sweethearts, but also for those “sweeties” on your client list!  There are so many great holidays that give you an “excuse” to send a note, an email, a card or even a phone call!

Here is a list of the traditional, and most common (commercialized) holidays throughout the year:

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day
Valentine’s Day
St Patricks Day
Memorial Day
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur

And here are a few of our favorites and some you might not know about!  Check back next quarter to see what we have in store for you!

January:   Nat’l Oatmeal month, Nat’l Soup Month, and Nat’l Get Organized Month

February:   American Heart Month, Nat’l Cherry Month, Nat’l Weddings Month

March:  Nat’l Craft Month, Nat’l Peanut Month, Red Cross Month and Nat’l Kite Month!  (of course!)

We hope this short list gives you a few creative ideas for touching base with your clients and sphere in the upcoming months!  They really want to hear from you!   If you need some help creating a marketing campaign using emails, postcards or newsletters, let us help you create something fabulous!


What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?  Everything – your reputation, your family history, your personality.  So why aren’t you using your name in your email address?

I see so many agents using MSN.com, Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, etc for their main email address.  It’s not the most professional impression.  How would you feel if you were conversing online with your bank and the account executive used Yahoo.com as their main email?  Not too confident?

Your Name


It’s easy to register your full name as a web domain!  So you can send emails from sally@sallysellsrealestate.com or sally@sallysmith.com.  If you haven’t, then go right her to GoDaddy.com and buy your name!

If you have an odd name or a different spelling – then buy a domain that’s easy for people to remember.  For example, it’s not easy to remember this email for Jane –  “jane@janelewczyk.com”  however, “jane@realestatejane.com” or “jane@contactjane.com” makes more sense when someone is trying to remember your email.

And then, you can forward that email address to your Yahoo, MSN or Gmail account.  It’s easy!

Your brand is your name/your company name… use it!

Happy Emails!

Real Estate Listings…Do You Wonder What To Say and How To Say It?

As Realtors®, you’re in the business of getting new listings and that’s a good thing, but sometimes composing those real estate listings for the MLS or for print advertising can leave us stumped on what to say. I mean, how many different ways can you describe a property? For example, have you ever racked your brain for a different way to say “luxurious”?

With that in mind, I’ve put together some words and phrases that will help you to get your creative juices flowing.

Comfortable, upscale, prestigious, unique, distinct, original, paradise, remodeled, authentic, spectacular, eclectic, colorful, textured, elaborate, peaceful, stylish,  magnificent, stunning, sparkling, secluded,  versatile, timeless, enchanting, exquisite, cozy, revitalized, refined, modern, flair, dynamic, impeccable, irresistible, affluent, substantial, tasteful, towering, tranquil, inexpensive,  rare, unsurpassed, retreat, historic, outstanding, inviting, oversized, sensible, dynamic, comfy, charming, beautiful, lovely, elite, classy, imaginative, coordinated.

Beauty and function,  stylish and practical, endless possibilities, contemporary charm, vibrant colors, smart design, southern comfort, hidden treasure, exceptional quality, convenient location, old-fashioned style, budget-smart, nostalgic flair, custom built, charm factor 10, bright and cheerful, fit for a king, picture perfect.

It’s a good idea as well to create some phrases that describe the area such as low maintenance, convenient to shopping, close to downtown, low maintenance, easy highway access, public transportation within walking distance.

Remember, stay within the Fair Housing Act guidelines and don’t use words or phrases that discriminate based upon or make reference to race/color, religion, national origin, familial status, gender or handicap.

Photo courtesy of  Casey Serin

Stumped for New Marketing Ideas?

Let’s face it. Some of us are marketing gurus, but the majority of us can’t find our way out of the proverbial box. Do you find yourself stumped for new marketing ideas? Have you run the gamut on ways to stay in touch with your clients? In these tough economic times when sales are down or barely existent, it is important to remain visible in your community. Here are a few fresh approaches to get you thinking about your next step forward.

1. Monthly Newsletter. Are you sending out a digital newsletter to your clients? If not, you are missing a shot at spreading news about seminars, new listings, tips on decorating, ideas on how to spruce up your home’s curb appeal and on and on. There are several different websites who offer easy and very affordable ways to create a newsletter and allow you to utilize your client database to email it. Take a look at ConstantContact.com, VerticalResponse.com or EPaperFlip.com. These sites can get you started on a fast and inexpensive new marketing venture!

2. Get Involved with Local Schools. Have you thought of placing an ad in the team program or yearbook at a local school? This is a great way to sponsor school sports teams or events in your community while making yourself and your business highly visible.

3. Refrigerator Magnets. Actually this is my absolute favorite! I can’t tell you how many times I have referred to my refrigerator to find a Real Estate Agent, electrician, plumber or handyman. It’s a great marketing tool and provides a quick resource for people.

4. Handy Candy. Keep a supply of candy bars on hand to give to potential clients who come into your office. Simply hole punch your business card and tie it to the candy bar with a length of curling ribbon. It’s cute and easy, plus who doesn’t love something sweet every now and then?

5. Be Noteworthy. Choose one client each day from your database and drop them a handwritten note with your business card in it. Just let them know you are available if they need you.

6. Start a Blog, and do all of that Facebook and Twitter stuff. Of course, that’s a little time consuming because first you have to figure out what all of that means… but we can help you with that!

Of course, these are just of few of the many ways you can market yourself and your business. Get creative. Host a “Lunch and Learn” with other agents and collectively “brainstorm” for new ideas.

Do you have an idea you would like to share?

Photo courtesy of  Ben Pollard

Real Estate Marketing

PC 100 Alden AveAnotherME Virtual Assistants offers Real Estate Marketing for both on-line and print media. From property flyers, postcards, listing booklets, feature cards to Real Estate Shows, Virtual Tours and email flyers.

Do you use a “template” flyer for your listings? If you don’t have an assistant to create your marketing pieces, let us design a template for you. A Listing Flyer Template includes all your information and logos in the basic design; and one that is easy to swap photos and descriptions for each of your listings. Using a template will save you time in getting up your listings set up and on the market. And will help you establish a marketing theme/brand.

Sending a video email to your sphere and top agents in your market area will give you leg up on your competition. Real Estate Shows is a wonderful program for Virtual Tours and property marketing. You can post your show to ActiveRain, your Blog, your MLS, REALTOR.com, and even email the show! Ask us about the special discount.

Check out this Real Estate Show of AnotherME Real Estate Marketing Samples!

What's in your Mailbox?

Peanuts Mail

Sending a birthday card; is it Social Networking – IRL? (in real life)

When was the last time you sent someone a real card in the mail?  Did you get any actual “Paper” cards on your last Birthday?

Remembering someone’s birthday is an easy, personal way to stay in touch with your past clients.  Everyone loves getting a card on their birthday. Recently, I had a client call and thank me for sending her a Birthday Card!  And just last week, a friend at church came up to me and thanked me for her card!  Imagine that…A simple little card!

Today’s technology has made it so convenient to post a short birthday message to clients and friends on Facebook or send an e-Card via email.  Now, I’m not knocking those methods… they’re great and more than most folks do!

However, a card sent through the mail clearly demonstrates that you took the time to be thoughtful and shows how much you care. When you remember your clients, they will be more inclined to remember you… when it comes to referring your name to  their friends and associates!

But, I don’t have my client’s birthdays, you say? Here are 3 tips for building your birthday database.

1) For those who attend closings, ask the closing attorney or title company for a copy of your clients driver’s license for your closing file.  Closing attorneys and title companies always get a copy of the driver’s license!

2) Use Facebook to find friends birthdays! Depending on how many friends/clients you have, you just might need a Virtual Assistant to help you with this project.  It’s on-going, so remember to go back each month to find “recently added” friends.

birthday cards

3) Have your Seller’s and Buyer’s fill out a New Client Information Form that includes a section for birthdays.  Add children’s birthdays and pets, too… Talk about making a good impression!

Whatever method you use to build your Birthday Database – Start sending Birthday Cards and see what kind of reaction you get!

P.S. Send me your birthday and address, I’ll send you a card!