Whether you like it or not… Sellers love their Listing Flyers!

If you take the time to create a flyer, then make it work for you.  How do you get a bigger bang for your buck (and your time) with a Listing Flyer?  Think outside the box, (the front lawn box) or the Kitchen counter display!

Start by using these 6 quick marketing tricks!

1) First – Save it as a JPG. Creating a JPG image of your flyer will open up a vast array of online tools for marketing your listing.   Save an ‘image’ of your flyer and e-mail it to area agents from Top Producer or Outlook.

2) Use that JPG image as one of your 25 photos on Realtor.com.  Instant visibility to hundreds of potential buyers!

3) Put your listing flyer on the internet. After you’ve e-mailed that JPG image, upload the listing to Postlets and Craigslist. Both are great sites for listings – And they’re FREE!  Postlets creates an attractive flyer automatically – it can’t get much easier than that!  Add it to your personal website as well.

4) Facebook. Of course, Facebook or MySpace! Upload your flyer image or the Postlets flyer!  With thousands of members you can take advantage of the huge pyramid of friends who will view your listing.

5) TwitPic –Share it with your Twitter friends using the free TwitPic tool.

6) Hyperlinks! And boost the impact of your flyers by creating a PDF version and adding hyperlinks to area websites like neighborhoods, community and your own website. Potential buyers can then visit these sites to learn more about the area and you. Email the PDF as an attachment to out of town buyers or let your sellers email it to their friends and colleagues.

Live Links in a PDF

Listing Flyers can be a fabulous tool for boosting visibility. Make your flyers work for you, by using them everywhere, for all to see!

(Special thanks to Pam Sherlock – Listing Coordinator – for assisting with the information in this blog post)

Reflections on attending REtechSouth 09

What’s the best investment you can make? Is it Real Estate?  Is it in the Stock Market or Bonds? (not today, that’s for sure!)  Nope – it’s an investment in Yourself!  You will always get the highest return when you make an investment in your business and YOU!

That’s exactly what I did last Friday (and Thursday evening) when I made the investment of time and money in attending REtechSouth 09!  It was priceless!         

A one day event with great speakers(Jeff Turner- RESpres, Dave Jenks) fantastic classes(Social Media 101, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO) an opportunity to network with some of the best in the industry (Missy Caulk, Jim Crawford, Debe Maxwell, Connie Harvey, Lane Bailey), and learning about some great new technology companies!  (RealtyVid, ViewThisHome)

Let me tell you…this was not your regular real estate conference.  It wasn’t a sales pitch, or a big rah-rah event!  It was all about sharing technology, sharing information.  Matt Fagioli and Brad Nix did a phenomenal job of creating an environment where learning was fun… and real!

Lots of Ah-Ha moments, ideas and technologies that I can start using in my Virtual Assistantbusiness, today!  (I’m updating my website and profiles this week!) And I have some cool ideas that I can share with my clients to help them incorporate these new technologies into their real estate business!  Who knew that Flickr was a Social Network? And it’s free!  (Jeff Turner, I guess!)

Start investing wisely… Make an investment in yourself!  The dividends are high and the payoff is endless!  Attend REtechSouth next year!  See you there!

Patty Keller, AnotherME Virtual Assistants

Giving and Appreciation – The Pop By!

The holidays are almost here! What a great time to “Pop By” your A-list clients and prospects in your database with some holiday cheer and good tidings!  According to Brian Buffini, a small token of appreciation or “item of value” can go a long way in building strong relationships and generating referrals.  Just remember – appreciation wins out over self promotion every time!

Here are some simple, cost effective gift ideas:

  1. Holiday Ornaments: you can purchase plain glass balls in bulk at CostCo or Sam’s Club, tie it up with some lovely ribbon add a simple card and you have a great gift!
  2. Something that will last all year long – A household tool or measuring tape is useful and most people keep them in the “catch all drawer” in the kitchen where it’s handy.
  3. Small magnetic calendars that you can personalize with your business card.  These are very inexpensive and everyone can use a 2009 calendar!
  4. What about a set of holiday return address labels for your client.  A sheet of printed labels costs about 50 cents.  (And we can help you format, design and print them!  Yes, it’s a shameless plug for our services)
  5. Coupons. Negotiate with a neighborhood store or restaurant for a free appetizer or dessert or a 10% discount on certain items.  Most businesses are agreeable to offering joint coupons, because you are giving them free advertising!
  6. Candles are always a great idea – as a decoration or when/if the power goes out! Check out the deals at the Dollar Store and stock up.
  7. If you are somewhat capable in the kitchen, there are some great recipes for homemade Spiced Tea, Hot Chocolate and easy Candy recipes!  Just wrap them up in some green or red plastic wrap or a small mason jar with a pretty bow!  (I have all of those recipes if you need them!)

And don’t forget to include a simple note with your name and number.

No matter what “item of value” you choose for your “Pop By” this season, remember the purpose – to build and cultivate client relationships that will last throughout the year!