Closing Coordination


It’s an arduous task managing the transaction process from signed contract to close. You’ve already spent a great deal of time finding a buyer for your seller or the perfect home for your buyer, negotiating the contract to the best price, and verifying signatures on all the contracts plus riders. The next step is behind the scenes where getting the contract to the closing table is the most important piece of this process.

If you could save up to the 12 hours the average real estate agent spends in the background, what is the value to you? With short sales, foreclosures and short-staffed lenders, it’s taking the average contract longer to close not to mention the myriad little hassles before your clients even attend the closing.

We like math and word problems so bear with us on this. On average we’re talking between 12-20 hours per contract. Let’s be conservative and say you’re closing between 2-4 contracts per month. That can range anywhere from 24-80 hours PER MONTH that you’re spending to work in your business instead of on your business. Even if you could get ¼ of that time back, that’s at least 1-3 business days a month. You could be networking, generating new business or even taking time off!!

In all seriousness, that’s why we have a Transaction Management Department. Our Closing Service provides professional and experienced assistance for this most critical part of a Real Estate Transaction. From the Binding Agreement date to the Closing Table, AnotherME Closing Coordinators manage the process, the paperwork, the deadlines, and the communications between all the parties. Every step of the way we keep you informed.

With Closing Coordinators who have a combined 20+ years experience assisting realtors, we understand the need for superior service to your clients. And since Closing Coordinator becomes the central point of contact to provide virtual coordination and management of the transaction, you can be assured deadlines are met, the paperwork is complete and turned in on time.

In a word – satisfied. Your client has been kept aware of the steps taken. You know that trained professionals are handling the job. We celebrate in your success.

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