Short Sale/REO Support

Short Sale Support

The current economic situation is fueling the growth of short sales and lenders are becoming inundated with foreclosures. If you have a few short sales behind you then you already know it can almost take an Act of Congress to get your deal approved! . Just the name “short sale” is a complete misnomer. The biggest time consumer with this type of sale lies in the fact that lenders and banks are paperwork fanatics and there are mounds to complete in a short sale.

Why not let our trained real estate Virtual Assistants at AnotherME assist you in gathering, coordinating, compiling and entering the information required for the lender specific Short Sale Forms Package while you concentrate on getting more listings, commissions and marketing your properties!

Example of Documents Required for the Lender’s Short Sale Forms Package (to be collected from the seller)

  • Hardship letter – A document explaining why the seller cannot continue to pay the mortgage, when it happened and what avenues have they taken to alleviate the hardship
  • Financial worksheet – Lists all income and expenses
  • Last two months of pay stubs
  • Last two months of bank statements
  • Last two years of tax returns (the first two pages only)
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement plus a listing agreement
  • Don’t spend another minute worrying about where your seller is in the short sale process. With AnotherME Short Sale services, we create a communication log for your listing, follow up with the bank every week, and provide you an update on the status. We copy you on all communications from the lender and keep you informed of any deadlines or new documents required by the bank.  Communicating with the Buyers Agent is critical in a Short Sale and buyer’s get nervous as approval time drags on. So once a week, we email the Buyer’s Agent with an update and copy you. You don’t have to turn down or refer out your next Short Sale, we can streamline the process and help you close more deals.

    REO Support

    At AnotherME, we realize the job of an REO agent can be overwhelming at times. Getting all the listing paperwork completed and submitted, BPO’s, checking off all the bank tasks, coordinating trash-outs, cash for keys, getting repair quotes and monitoring the repair process, managing the utilities, lawn maintenance… not to mention negotiating and managing the sale! It’s definitely an enormous task!

    Delegating and outsourcing is the key to staying on top of your REO business and keeping your Asset Managers and Banks happy with your service. We consult with you to determine where you can utilize the services of a VA and how you can delegate some of the burden and streamline your business. Whether it’s completing all the listing paperwork, coordinating all your vendors or tracking your expenses and reimbursements!

    AnotherME is a NAR certified REPA (Real Estate Professional Assistant), so you know you can expect reliability, quality service, and the most highly-efficient and competent VAs anywhere on the planet!

    Call Patty Griffin Keller today at 770.414.9393 to discuss all the ways AnotherME can support your real estate business!