Are you LinkedIn… with the leading Social Networking site for Business?

This week I had the opportunity to attend a class for real estate professionals on using LinkedIn and how to “data mine” for new business with this Social Networking site.  I was surprised to see that out of 25+ agents in the class, only 7 or 8 had set up a profile!

The instructor was Richard Kirby, a recruiter who has developed a network of over 3500 connections!  He has successfully used LinkedIn to meet new clients, make connections with Corporate HR contacts and develop his business!

Here are some eye-opening facts about LinkedIn:

* There are over 40 million business users on LinkedIn, including managers and executives at virtually all major employers.

*LinkedIn is the leading online Social Networking website for Business.

*LinkedIn is a giant database of members who are relatively open to networking and inquiries.

*Nearly 60% of the members have incomes over $93,000. (based on a study done by Anderson Analytics)

Are you on LinkedIn?  It’s easy to navigate and set up a profile.  You’ll get the most visibility on your profile when you complete each section: Photo, summary of current position, email address, website links, interests, previous jobs and work experience.  Then start connecting with colleagues, old friends, new friends, past clients, etc.

Join a few groups: college alumni association, sorority/fraternity, special interests, employer groups, and of course, there are lots of real estate groups to join!  Once you have made connections, ask for recommendations.  Richard Kirby recommends getting 5-10! This will complete your profile and give you more visibility!

Start today using LinkedIn to find and develop new clients, connect with clients who aren’t on Facebook or MySpace, share updates, and establish yourself online!

And while you’re there – connect with me!