About Us

AnotherME™ was created by a simple concept. You’re working late, you sit back to take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Boy, I could really use another me around here.”

We weren’t always the REALTOR’s® Virtual Assistant. Initially, AnotherME™ provided a wide variety of services for small businesses, but owner Patty Griffin Keller, turned her focus to the real estate industry and found the niche that would make AnotherME™ great. With backgrounds in sales and marketing, the team understands the unique requirements and needs of sales professionals in real estate.

Over the past six years AnotherME™ has assembled an experienced team of real estate assistants throughout Atlanta and the country. Our mission is to provide forward-looking expertise that REALTOR’S® can utilize on an as-needed basis, instead of hiring full-time help.

AnotherME™ provides a “win-win” for the clients we serve, and for the virtual assistants who work with them! Our clients are able to meet their goals and grow their businesses; and our virtual assistants are able to work from home and meet their personal goals!

Our team of Closing Transaction Coordinators love what they do. They take your executed real estate contract and walk the transaction through the closing but don’t stop there. They provide excellent customer service throughout the process and once the contracts are executed they send a copy of all the paperwork including the closing statement to your clients. If you want to send a closing gift, consider it done because we understand superior customer service.

In 2010 we began offering Social Media Marketing Services. This has been a lifesaver for many agents who KNOW they should be doing more online, but just don’t have the time to a) Figure it all out and b) do the extra work to get seen in the searches!

If you have questions about how a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help your business grow, call Patty Keller at 770-414-9393

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