Listing Coordination

You have the best of intentions. In fact for some Realtors® this is one role that’s enjoyable. You get to be creative and really tune into your client’s needs. Then you get a phone call. Now you have to address the issues from the phone call with a deadline of the next hour and you know it’s going to take at least that much time or more. You see where you started inputting your new listing and it’s decision time. Do you deal with something that is urgent and important or do you procrastinate and enter the listing which is important and not necessarily urgent in the next 60 minutes?

For situations like this, we like to refer to the book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.” Real estate agents are advised to “..figure out what makes you money and get someone to do everything else! Every minute you spend doing something that doesn’t make you money is very expensive.” Put more bluntly, it’s all about Listings, Leads and Leverage.

Let’s do a little word math. Once you have a signed contract, setting up a listing takes the average Realtor® between 4-8 hours depending on your checklist of programs and websites used to market your seller’s home. If you have between 2-5 listings a month, you’re spending between 8-40 hours per month simply to market your properties. If you’re on the high side of this simple equation, your other clients may think you’re on vacation but we both know the truth. Your family and friends are going to miss seeing you not to mention those other clients. You need to leverage your time because you just cannot do it all.

AnotherME™ Virtual Listing Coordinators are your leverage. Because their role is to fulfill your Listing Package and YOU are the client, their focus is on your needs. They’ve been trained on the programs you use, are faster than the averages and cost less than your salary. On average, our Listing Coordinators will have your marketing up and running within 48 hours.

Remember, sellers are eager to see their listing advertised quickly. It’s part of your listing presentation where you’ll advertise and now you can give a solid timeframe of when their home will be on the market, out on the internet and have a flyer on the dining room table. Added to that, you become a hero to your Sellers! We both know that first impression is critical in your relationship during this listing period.

With experience in all the major listing programs, websites, virtual tours, databases and more; AnotheME is ready today.  You won’t need to provide hours of training or pay for a learning curve. Send us your checklist and we’ll get started with your next listing today!

Here is an example of an average $150 Listing Coordination Package

  • Enter listing into MLS
  • Upload photos with descriptions to MLS
  • Upload Property Disclosures
  • Create Color Flyer
  • Link Virtual Tour to all Sites
  • Assign Lockbox
  • Enter Listing into Home Feedback Program (ex: Showing Time)
  • Enhance on
  • Enhance on Agent Website (KWLS, Advanced Access, Point2Agent)
  • Enhance on Zillow, Trulia
  • Post on Facebook
  • Email Agent links once websites are complete

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