What is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor providing you with administrative, creative and technical support through the use of internet, phone, fax, and other types of communication. A real estate Virtual Assistant introduces you to the newest ideas and innovations that give you a competitive edge, and helps to keep you focused on what’s most important to your business.

Benefits Of Using A Virtual Assistant

You are only billed for the hours worked. As your real estate Virtual Assistant, we provide reliable and dependable service.

You don’t need to provide workspace and equipment such as computer, phone and office supplies. We work from a remote location saving you overhead dollars.

You save on employee taxes. We offer you the benefit of outsourcing along with the dedication of a loyal employee. We are independent contractors, not requiring the additional benefit package of an employee.

You gain a new perspective and feedback. New ideas, different viewpoints and constructive feedback are invaluable to enhancing your plan for success.

No training is necessary. We are all well trained professionals dedicated to assisting you achieve your goals.

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