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GREAT NEWS! Social Media Marketing and Management is so much Easier with a Virtual Assistant!

You’ve been to the Social Media Marketing classes, webinars and sessions in your office, and you are a BELIEVER! You KNOW that adding more dedicated hours to building your online Social Media presence will be CRITICAL to building your Real Estate Business in 2018!  YEAH!

But where are those extra hours going to come from?

That’s where AnotherME can help!  We totally agree with the “Guru’s” on the importance of Social Media Marketing, and we are passionate about helping you be WILDLY successful in 2018!  We also understand that you are a Real Estate Professional – not a computer geek… and it’s not that we are all that GEEKY, but we’ve figured out the quickest ways to do the tasks that you need done!

Did you leave that last Social Media Marketing Session with a HEADACHE?

We can help you design a system that will be a custom fit for YOU and YOUR market! Social Media Marketing is such a hot topic for the Real Estate Industry because it is the most efficient and effective way to connect to your customers and your real estate market today.  The goal is to make certain you are in the conversations that your clients (and POTENTIAL clients) are having about their Real Estate needs!

Look at some of the services we offer:

  • Create and Maintain your Custom QR Codes for your Listings!  They are sooo cool, but who is ordering the rider signs, putting them on fliers and checking to see if they WORK?
  • Create a custom,  social media marketing strategy specific to your real estate business goals, your market, and in a way that will help increase your online visibility, brand recognition and your networking opportunities.
  • Set up your profiles on social networking sites (like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) with keyword rich text links, and in your “voice” so that clients will have a great image of who you are, and why they should use YOU for their real estate needs.
  • We can do the monthly maintenance on these accounts.  Because we can maintain your social media profiles (approve friend requests, post or refresh content, determine best course of action for direct messages sent to your accounts) we will be managing your ONLINE REPUTATION.
  • Help set up systems to automate social media tasks and social network updates.
  • Upload blog posts, find relevant graphics or photos to go with posts, moderate comments. We can also do Real Estate Market Reports for you on a consistent basis.
  • Submit your blog or website to online directories and blog social networking communities to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Most Real Estate Agents don’t need a new website right now… they need to MAXIMIZE what they have!
  • Research what others in your market are doing online and in social media… Do people in your market call a Waterfront home a “View Home” or a “Lakefront Home”?  We’ll be able to give you that information.
  • Manage e-newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns including researching content and graphics for e-newsletters. Segmenting email lists according to demographics and client characteristics for the most effective use of your campaign. Track campaign statistics.
  • Upload video and EDIT VIDEO for you! Most Real Estate Professionals feel video content is critical – but who has 4 or 5 hours to EDIT IT?  And who knows HOW to edit a video to get the best attention!  We’ll help you track viewer statistics too!

Call Patty Keller (770) 414-9393 to discuss your specific needs, to find out more about pricing and to get on track with your Social Media Marketing needs!  Quit Worrying!  Your Virtual Assistant can do this internet stuff!

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