Raving Fans

Here’s what some of our clients say…

Abbie Shepherd – KW Atlanta, GA

“AnotherME has been great.  I’ve been working with them for several years to market my listing.  They are the best solution for getting work done quickly and accurately without having to hire, manage and train.”

Judy Weiniger – Remax, NJ

“I have been been working with the AnotherME team since 2012! I was referred to them, after my mentor and advisor Jimmy Mackin, co-founder of Curaytor, had done some research to find me some supplemental help as my business was growing. Patty and her team have been an invaluable asset and resource to me during this time of growth and team building! Pam Sherlock is the consistent link that I can always count on. She is upbeat, positive and open-minded to learn new programs and strategies, willing to listen and implement my new ideas 🙂 and always responsive and responsible. Although virtual…Pam IS a member of my team! We have utilized both listing and closing coordination services. I wish I could get AnotherME to start an in-house marketing department personally for my company in NJ!”  

Lauren Zgutowicz – Beacham, GA

“Because Suzi is so wonderful in ensuring my transactions get closed, I’m the #2 individual agent in terms of units sold! 🙂  Thanks for everything!”

Marcus Mouchet – KW Atlanta GA

“Aimee Burgess is one of the most professional individuals that I know. She does an excellent job on every task that I have asked her to do for my real estate business. She is always on time and always there when I need her. I rate her work a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.”

Christine Bradley – KW Atlanta, GA

“Aimee is a true asset to our team. We really consider her one of our own even though we never see her (except for annual holiday luncheon). Her work-flow is seamless and extremely punctual. The accuracy with which she does her job enhances the speed. There is rarely a reason for corrections, and if there is Aimee is all about correcting and moving forward. We are a luxury team and our clients have high expectations. Aimee helps us meet and exceed those expectations with confidence and consistency. We would not be where we are today without her.”


Kimberly Genovese – KW Chicago IL

“Sarah Grillo as been INSTRUMENTAL in supporting me and my business to literally double and triple in the last 18 months. We are positioned to continue to explode at the rate of quadrupling our numbers in January 2016. If your intention is to grow your business then you MUST surround yourself with people ten thousand times better than you…Sarah is just that and then some!”

Chrissy Neumann – KW Atlanta, GA

“Pam with AnotherME has been a great asset to the Castles By Chrissy Team!  She is very responsive and is always willing to complete the tasks assigned to her quickly and completely.”

Mark Rantis – KW Chicago, IL

“In the first 9.5 months of 2015, Sarah Grillo has helped me grow my business to surpass my 2014 numbers by over 60%. If you want to take your business to the next level, AnotherME is your go-to VA company.”                            

Jessica R – McEarney Associates, VA

“My AnotherME “team” is great.  I’m hoping to have more listings and closings now that I’m free from all the paperwork!” 

Lori K, KeyPro Realty, CT

“Thanks so much for your support.  I am back in the game!  Lots of good news, things are closing that I did not expect.  …a new listing tomorrow, my goal is to let your team deal with the paperwork so I can sell.”  

Deb J – Realty Associates, GA

“Oh my gosh – You Rock!  Thank you for all the expert assistance on this project.  I’m really proud of it!”

Linda H, Century 21, SC

“Very productive and very pleased!  I’m excited about end result of this marketing project!”


(Excerpt below reprinted with permission from the August 2010 Illinois Chapter of the CRS.)




Earlier this year I lost my part-time licensed assistant of 5 years.  I tried hiring another assistant and unfortunately it didn’t work out.  A  top-producing agent I respected suggested a resource to me she had been recommending for years.  AnotherME.com – a real estate virtual assistant company.


I resisted this idea for so long because I’m a bit of a control freak and thought someone else would not be able to do what I do, the way I want it done.  I was also concerned about the cost.  Desperation made me give them a try with one of my listings.


AnotherME™ provides Listing and Closing Coordination based on a menu of services you can choose from.  For less than $100, my custom listing coordination included: creating the property flyer, embellishing/setting up the listing on Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Postlets.com and Facebook.com.  And they had everything completed within 48 hours!


They also do Closing Coordination for $350.  I’m experiencing my familiar ‘how can they do this like I would do it…virtually?!’ pangs.  Perhaps desperation will drive me to try this part of their service too!

RE/MAX In The Village, Oak Park, Illinois

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