Outsourcing… Is it for Real Estate?

My background is in corporate telecommunications/technology sales …many moons ago!  And outsourcing was the big buzz word – everyone was doing it!  Outsourcing was used for management’s “pet projects”, for services we didn’t offer and in some cases they outsourced an entire department to another company who could do it better for less!  It made sense… and cents.  Using the talents and resources of strategic partners to save on staffing, expenses and training. It was a way for my company to stay focused on it’s core business.

Back then, I sold “services” for a video conferencing manufacturer.  We offered everything from maintenance services, coordination of equipment installations – worldwide, bridging video calls ‘across the pond’ and around the country, plus designing and building custom video rooms for distance learning and corporate boardrooms.

There’s no way we could have staffed and managed all of those services – worldwide, while maintaining focus on our core business of building video conferencing equipment!  We outsourced all or a portion of every service we offered; with no apologies!

Fast forward to Real Estate – How can YOU focus on providing the best service to your clients when you’re the one who does it all?

Do you have a “pet project” you need to get done?  Do you need a Marketing Department or a Bookkeeping Department.  Do you need a strategic partner to help you grow your business?

If you’re not focused on your core business, then maybe it’s time to think about outsourcing!  But, where do you go, who do you call?

Hit the easy button… the Virtual Assistant business is your vehicle for Outsourcing!

AnotherME Virtual Assistants offer Real Estate Outsourcing!  Real Estate Support is our core business: listing coordination, closing coordination, marketing, database support, blogging, social media support, bookkeeping and expense management!  We also offer mailing services, general admin and graphic design.

As a real estate professional (and a small business owner), we can learn a few lessons from our friends in the corporate world.  Outsourcing is one of those lessons.  It’s a business decision that makes sense …and cents!

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