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safety-first-signWith September being REALTOR® Safety Month, I had grandiose intentions of getting this virtual support blog out earlier and addressing the masses. With pen and paper I started scribbling thoughts and ideas about Realtor safety and my research of safety related topics for Agents grew! At that point, I put down my pen, pushed my chair away from the desk and thought…WOW…how do I narrow it down? Bottom line is you can’t! Our clients and agents around the country face safety issues daily, it’s part of their job. Over the next several days, I will attempt to address some of the various topics and break it down into smaller bites focusing on different safety concerns. I’m sure some will be seen as “common sense” but it never hurts repeating…especially when it comes to your safety or that of your client.

Earlier in the month I read an article, “The Safety Talk You Need to Have With Clients”,  and decided it was a good place to start. The article discussed safety from the client’s perspective and offered several suggestions for Agents. As Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we felt this was vital and valuable information to share with our clients, and with it being REALTOR® Safety Month what better time to share a great idea for the “Tip of the Month.” Create a “Safety Packet” for your Sellers and include a checklist of items they should put away or remove from their home, and other tips they can use to promote safety while their home on the market, for example:

  1. Does the house have adequate lighting, inside and out?
  2. Are all locks in good working order – including window locks?
  3. Keep mail up and out of sight to avoid identity theft
  4. Keep prescription medications locked and out of sight
  5. Are there any potential liability hazards…weapons, loose floorboards, electrical issues, etc.?
  6. Consider extra monitoring
  7. Limit obstructions to doors and windows – keep hedges, trees and shrubs trimmed back
  8. Do not allow “drop-ins” or “drive-bys”, showings must be scheduled

These are just a few of the items that could be discussed and become part of your “Safety Packet”.  Call it what you will, give it a clever name and make it yours. The idea is to educate your client on potential safety concerns while they are listing their home.

And if you need some assistance putting together a safety checklist for your Sellers, then give us a call!  We can help!

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