Our Clients’ Safety is Important!

Safety is a relevant and important topic in the real estate industry.  Heck, safety is an important topic for any industry or individual.  Our clients and all real estate professionals are at risk more often than any other group.  The nature of the business requires you to meet with strangers, spend time in a car with those strangers, enter vacant properties or buildings and hold open houses by yourself.

At the recent RETSO conference in Atlanta, I learned about a “Safety App” from Shannon King with Schoolhouse Realty, called  MyForce.com.    This App was the winner of the 2011 People’s Choice Stevie Award for favorite New Product or Service of the Year.  Pretty impressive!

“MyForce is an innovative security service that acts as your mobile bodyguard and arms you or your loved ones against would-be attackers with the touch of a button on your smartphone.”   It’s available on the iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

Here’s how it works!  Next time you’re sitting at an open house or leaving the office late at night, simply launch the MyForce App.  If a situation arises and you need help, the alert button is right on your phone.  Once you hit the alert button, your phone screen goes black and the MyForce app begins operating in “stealth mode.”  Your phone will records what is happening, the monitoring team begins listening, tracking your location via GPS and alerting the proper authorities.

When it comes to safety, cost is irrelevant.  At only $11.99/month or $120/year, MyForce is an affordable, sweet deal.  Plus, additional subscribers on your account will get a 50% discount!  What are you waiting for… check it out today!

We hope this is one App you never have to use!  Here’s to much success and safety in 2012!





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