Top 12 Open House Ideas for Realtors

When was the last time you held an Open House or attended an Open House?

The Open House has come a long way!  We’ are finding that our clients are generating tons of Buyer Leads and actual Offers bTips for Open Housesy holding Open Houses!  Whether you hold your own listing open or have a colleague host it for you, there are so many little things you can do to ensure success!

Here are a few tips that we have shared with our clients over the years …and few that we’ve learned from some of the best agents around the country!

  1.  Post your Open House on all major public sites including your MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, your website or blog and your Facebook business page!
  2. Use your iPad as the “Registration Form!  Get the Open House Pro App! (not for Androids)
  3.  Hold an Open House right after work or during lunchtime on weekdays. Downtown condos are ideal for Lunchtime Open Houses!
  4.  Set an unconventional time frame from 10am to 6 pm.  If the homeowner is out of town, this is ideal!
  5.  Serve easy to eat snacks that come with individual wrappers. Provide iced tea and lemonade in the summer; tea, coffee or cocoa in the winter; and warm apple cider in the fall.  ( imagine the aroma of that warm apple cider wafting through the house!)
  6. A highrise, lakeside, mountaintop or any other property with an amazing sunset view is a great candidate for a unique Happy   Hour/ Sunset Open House
  7. In warm weather, have some extra water bottles on hand.  Better yet, have some made up with custom labels.
  8. Put an “Open House” sign with day/time in the yard several days in advance. (this is a no brainer!)
  9. Get your Name and your Listing out there!  Put out 30+ directionals from the main highways/interstates to your listing. (if your county/city allows)
  10. Invite a mortgage professional to attend and prequalify buyers.
  11. Put your feedback form on a clip board for attendees too carry with them as they go room to room and give their comments!
  12. Create a Slide Show with pictures of the local area and the house to play during the Open House.Real Estate Open House Sign

And one last tip… use this greeting and all of your visitors will give you their information and sign in!  “Welcome, thank you for coming to our Open House!  For security purposes the Home Owner has requested that everyone sign in before previewing their home”  Hand them a clip board with a sign in form and they will give you their name, address, email and phone!  Everyone understands that security is important during an open house.  If they don’t want to sign in – they don’t get to come in!


Good luck and let us know if you have any other tips, hints or ideas!


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