Grow Your Database in 2015 With These 5 Tips

Let’s face it – maintaining your database is not the most glamorous job…it takes time, it takes effort and most of all, it takes creativity but it is ESSENTIAL. You have worked diligently to build your sphere of influence therefore you must remain relevant to them. Your clients needs to managed, categorized, and nurtured before, during and after a sale, whether they were a Seller and you successfully marketed their home or they were a Buyer and you provided them with an exceptional contract-to-close transaction. When nurtured and serviced after the sale, your client relationship opens the door to easier prospecting, endless referrals and repeat business.

So, how do you remain relevant to your clients?

Here are 5 creative strategies to help you take excellent care of your clients:

  1. Be a resource! Set up monthly or quarterly real estate events so that people can learn what they need to do to buy or sell real estate. Making it a joint venture with attorneys, title companies, credit repair services will enable you to meet even more people to grow your database.
  1. Send a note! If you are just plain embarrassed because you haven’t connected, think about sending a fun note that states, “I’ve missed you!” and include a call to action to get information about neighborhood news, property updates or current real estate activity in their area.Database Blog pic
  1. Build your database effortlessly, cheaply and easily. Many agents are so busy working with current prospects that they can’t keep up with prospecting for new customers. If your present website isn’t working 24/7, you will lose the prospecting and marketing edge. Be smart and choose a website that is effective at managing your prospecting leads.
  1. It’s easier to sell an existing customer. You have a better chance of selling to an existing customer (60%) than a new prospect (the percentage plummets from 60% to as low as 5-20%). Take at least one day per week to work on your database. Starting today, work backwards to organize, review and upload customer information so you can begin the process of contacting, nurturing and informing.
  1. Customers are your most important asset and they are critical to growing your business. The closing may signal the end of a journey together, but actually it is the gateway to future business. You need a program that will deploy relevant information to keep your name on the top of their mind. There are countless real estate software programs to help organize your contacts before, during and long after the transaction has been closed. Explore your options to see which platform works best for your business.

AnotherME can help you maintain and nurture your database so that your name is the first one that pops into the head of your client when they need a real estate professional or are asked for a referral. Call us today and find out more! (770) 414-9393

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