More Tips on How to Grow Your Database in 2015

So perhaps you have tried some of our tips from our last segment on “How to Grow Your Database in 2015” and now you are ready for more suggestions on how to reach out to your sphere of influence and remain relevant to them. Well, here are five more creative strategies that are not only effective, but also fun. By creating a lasting relationship with your clients, you are opening the door to easier prospecting, endless referrals and repeat business, which translates to listings, closings and success!

Here are 5 more creative strategies to help you take excellent care of your clients:

  1. Need to figure out a way to entice past customers back to your business? A good old-fashioned phone call with a follow up handwritten note can do the trick. Once you’ve reignited the connection, continue the engagement with consistent communication that keeps the connection warm such as setting up a marketing calendar for monthly contact. Offer reports, fun gift certificates for coffee or free gas
  1. Be visible in the community. Set up a charity event for your local town or community. Think: Toys for Tots, Coats for the Cold, Thanksgiving Dinners or other holiday drives will all help to contribute to having your name at top of mind.tree
  1. Save 5 times the marketing dollars. In today’s market, it can cost up to five times more to acquire a customer than it does to keep current ones. Retaining customers is the next step in managing the relationship to keep the client for life. Client relationship management (CRM) is a key action step that you need to continually nurture and maintain strong relationships with this important segment of your database.
  1. How about a Five-A-Day Contact Program? It’s always easier to make small steps that have big impact! Start your day with a colorful piece of paper with 5 names of past clients, referral sources or solid prospects. Make 5 “touch” calls every day for 5 days a week. You’ll end your month with a healthy rotation through your database and the number of touches will be around 100 calls! The scripts are easy. A simple script may be:

“Hi! This is (your name). I was driving through your neighborhood and thought I would check in and say hello. Let me know if there is anything I can do to answer questions or serve your real estate needs.”

  1. Host a Unique Party! Everyone enjoys a fun summer outdoor party!! Invite your past clients, current clients and strategic partners. Create a theme with plenty of fun activities for kids like face painting and games. It’s a great way to stay connected!

AnotherME can help you maintain and nurture your database so that your name is the first one that pops into the head of your client when they need a real estate professional or are asked for a referral. Call us today and find out more! (770) 414-9393

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